KGK JET HQ1000 Ink Jet Printer Newly Launched!

  • Simple, Easy and Clean.
  • 300 dots 600 dpi nozzles integrated ink catridge model.
  • High quality IJP suggestions at a low price, finally appeared in KGK brand!
Printing Method: Thermal and On-demand
Can handle the maximum line speed: Subject to 30.48 m/min. (600 dpi)*
Character Pitch, Intensity Setting
Nozzle Array: 300 Dots 600 dpi
Ink Jet can be Directional: Next below
Character Height: 12.7mm
Per Head: 1
Ink Types: Black: TK402
Workpiece Detection: Photoelectric Sensor
Printing Plate Number: 1-4
Number of Register Messages: 1000 Messages
1 Message per Number of Registered Modules (Word).: 32 Module
Module 1 (Word) Registration Number of Characters per: 256 Characters (if the text module)
Character Types: Alphanumeric Characters, Symbols and Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji (JIS 1st & 2nd)
Character Font: True type fonts (serif, serif)
Printing Date Time (Calendar): Year(Western / Japanese calendar), month, day, time (12 / 24, minutes, seconds, day)
Numbering: Maximum 10 Digits Down, Repeating the Incremental Value Settings, Zero Press
Barcode Printing: ITF, Code128, Code39, NW7, JAN
2D Code: QR, DataMatrix and PDF417
Shape: Reading From Two BMP Files
External Interface: USB and Parallel Output
Use Environment: 5°C to 35°C, 10-80% RH (no condensation that)
Power Supply: AC 100 V 50 / 60 Hz 100 Watts or less
Grounding: D Seed Ground

600 dpi high quality IJP at low prices.

High quality printing is possible using 300 dots 600 dpi nozzles integrated ink cartridge to the print head.

QR code, DataMatrix and various barcode, Logo, Date and lot number can be printed on beautifully!

Replace the cartridge with one touch
Replace the ink cartridge and nozzle too at the same time.

Speedy recovery is possible even in case of nozzle trouble.
Cartridge replacement is fairly simple and easy.

Operation is easy and safe

Can be intuitive operation by employing full-color touch panel, easy-to-understand screen configuration

With Ink cartridge with memory and auto-electronic management. You can prevent problems caused by using the wrong power management, ink and old ink.

Easy to set up body controller with ultra lightweight & compact printhead.

Encoder, RS232C, I/O expansion unit-equipped, further enhance functionality.

Allows for connection with external devices.

Keep the conveyor speed fluctuations and manage always a more stable printing quality

Can be controlled from an external equipment operation.