Labels & Ribbon

Label and Thermal-Transfer Material

In addition to our systems, we offer you a wide range of labels and thermal-transfer ribbons. At our test lab, specialist technicians develop materials that are suitable for your specific requirements. Whether you wish to use paper or plastic labels, standard glues or special adhesives.

Resin Ribbon

Resin ribbons are used in high energy printing. They produce images that are not only scratch-resistant and smudge-proof but also resistant to various substances such as petrol, alcohol and other solvents. When used on smooth plastic surfaces, they produce durable, sharply contoured prints with excellent saturation.

Wax/Resin Ribbons

Wax/resin ribbons have been specially designed for medium-energy printing. They allow for sharply contoured prints on coated paper and plastic. Higher resin contents ensure that the labels are more smudge-proof and scratch-resistant.

Wax Ribbons

Wax ribbons are a cost-effective solution for low-energy printing methods. They are particularly suitable for applications such as shipping labels where long-term readability is not major concern.
When used on rough paper, these thermal-transfer
ribbons produce excellent printing results.

Thermal-transfer printing is the most commonly used and cheapest technology for paper labels. Thermal-transfer printers are used in all industries to optimise the flow of materials and goods.
They guarantee clear identification and efficient traceability.
Our paper labels made from super calendared, wood-free paper ensure excellent print quality. The adhesive offers great tack and outstanding adhesion on many substrates, even at low temperatures. The adhesive is also suitable for direct contact with dry, non-greasing foods.

Preprinted labels are particularly suitable for companies that need to identify a large range of different products. They might for example contain the batch number, barcode, product information and the company logo, making sure that each product is clearly identified and branded.

The label material to be used depends on the actual application. We offer you a nearly unlimited range of product labels – printed or unprinted, with or without logo, single colour or multi-colour, for permanent adhesion or easy removal. Our labels come with gloss or matt finish, with or without barcode, special effects and protective coating. In other words: our labels are produced strictly according to customer specifications.

Labels are indispensable for efficient shipping, storage and material flow control. Apart from tried and tested barcodes, logistics companies, industrial groups and the retail trade are increasingly using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels. Often referred to as smart labels, labels with RFID features allow for the automated identification and location of products. They thus help optimising logistics processes and provided added safety to the retail trade.

Smart labels are essentially extra flat transponders consisting of a chip with integrated processor and memory and an areal that are attached to the label foil. These components are known as inlays and can be integrated into conventional labels.

Innovative applications require special labels.

We therefore offer not only customised labels but also assist our customers by designing tailor-made labelling solutions for their products and applications. Companies might require label that are resistant to oil and grease, or that do not become damaged or detached by high temperatures.

Special labels often include enhanced adhesives to ensure that they remain firmly attached even on rough, dirty or greasy surfaces. Special additives ensure that the labels are resistant to UV light, water and solvents, or that they do not shrink or expand under adverse conditions.