Reliable, Field-proven CO2 Laser Marking Technology Combined With Unrivalled Flexibility

Wavelengths, scan head aperture, marking head position, IP rating, power and much more can be configured to suit your application needs. Flexibility is built-in. With print speeds up to 2,000 characters/sec. and line speeds up to 900m/min., these marking lasers address both simple and complex code requirements on a range of substrates including paperboard, glass, painted metals and many plastic materials. This flexibility makes the C-Series lasers well suited for laser marking applications in various industries: for automotive parts, electronic components, plastic parts, cables, and many more. Marking your products on-the-fly or when stationary, with simple date codes or complex graphics, the C.0102 and C.0302 offer cost effective solutions to your part marking challenges.

The C.0102 10-Watt offers all the performance features the C.0302 30-Watt marking laser provides, but with a power source better matched for moderate line speed applications or those at rest. The 30-Watt C.0302 is perfect for higher speed mark-on-the-fly applications (of up to 150,000 products/hour) or more demanding materials such as many plastics.

Your Product Benefits

Air-cooled laser virtually eliminates maintenance intervals; High resolution marking head for high quality, permanent and consistently crisp codes that assure product traceability and tamper-proofing.

Built-in Productivity
A variety of mark window options and high-speed marking heads allow for a throughput increase of up to 67%.

Simple Usability
Most flexible integration solution with 32 standard beam delivery options; Quick set up and easy redeployment via detachable umbilical cable and simple-to-use accessory connections; 4 interface options plus a choice of networking communications to match your preferred workflow.

High-performance Fiber Laser Markers For Unmatched Versatility and Maximum Uptime

ALLTEC LF101 and LF201 are compact, versatile and highly reliable for industrial direct part marking applications on a variety of metal, plastic and various other hard-to-mark materials in the electronics, tools and metal and automotive and automobile supplies industries. The 10 and 20 Watt pulsed fiber laser marking systems quickly apply complex variable data (ID mat- rix/bar codes, logos, characters, [serial] numbers, individual data, etc.) on both moving and static products. Additional advantages include low maintenance and ease of integration with the system’s dovetail joint mounting interface and a multilingual user interface.

Whether through engraving, high contrast color change, material removal or annealing – the solid-state laser marking systems deliver high resolution and brilliant marking quality.

Your Product Benefits

  • Small Size, Simple Integration: The most compact design with the small scan heads and the flexible and proven soft- ware and hardware platforms ensure best integration into end customer production lines and OEM machines.
  • Broadest Application Range: Nearly everything is marked at uncomprising quality, due to the series’ many features incl. powerful software supports, superior digital high-speed scanners, two marking heads (standard and high resolution) and two beam orientations (straight-out/90°).
  • Lowest Maintenance, Highest Uptime: The short setup time; an air-cooled, highly efficient, maintenance-free laser source and the possibility of PC independent stand-alone operation maximize uptime and reduce costs.

FOBA AD Access

For the light duty, laser marking, coding and engraving industries.

The introduction of new low cost laser systems has led to the development of an entry level fume extraction solution in order to maintain safe operator working conditions and product quality.

The all new AD Access combines economic ownership with performance to match the small laser user. A three stage filter condition indicator is included as a standard feature, together with three stage filtration: pre filter, HEPA and chemical section.

Your Product Benefits

  • Entry level, low cost unit
  • Ideal for small laser users
  • Three stage filtration
  • Comes complete with filter condition indicator

FOBA AD Oracle

The complete, global solution for high performance laser fume extraction.

Introducing FOBA’s most technically advanced Laser Fume Extractor. The AD Oracle packs a powerful range of unique features into one compact unit.
The revolutionary Auto-Voltage Sensing Pump automatically self adjusts to run on any voltage worldwide, whilst the Reverse Flow filter technology enhances filter performance and ensures longer filter life.

Closed loop, Automatic Flow Control allows the user to preset correct flow rates, for lower noise levels and further protection of both the combined filter and the 2 stage F8 pre filter, which has a massive 12 m2 of surface area.

Your Product Benefits

  • Technically advanced laser fume extractor.
  • Auto-Voltage Sensing Pump for global use.
  • Reverse Flow filter technology.
  • Closed Loop Automatic Flow Control.
  • ‘Easi-Seal’ filter location.
  • Small footprint and low noise levels.