We know the challenges facing logistics and shipping. This is why Logopak offers you the Series 300, a versatile labelling system which offers unrivalled price and performance while still meeting your requirements.

Perfect Labelling For Cartons and Containers

The labelling solution is a critical part of
the line process and must deliver maximum accuracy. The Logopak solutions for containers and cartons offer an ideal combination of speed, precision, reliability and flexibility. The barcode online validation essentially acquires each barcode and serves as the control between the labeller and the production line. It can trigger a stop or sort out faulty barcodes and supply them for relabelling.
An intuitive user interface (TDI touch screen) featuring intelligent troubleshooting enables rapid fault detection and elimination.

Plug & Play Easy Installation and Operation

Flexible: Manual Height and Side Adjustment
Adaptable: 4 applicators to choose from for a wide range of standard applications
Fast: It can apply up to 80 labels per minute with a running length of 600m
No Risk: Our non-contact “blow-on” technology ensures clean, wrinkle-free labels on a wide range of surfaces
Cost-Effective: A cost-efficient, reliable solution for simple high-speed labelling
Durable: A reliable design in tried and tested Logopak quality
High Barcode Quality: Optional scanner for validation
Low Cost: The machine is delivered on only one Euro pallet

Now Featuring The Latest Generation Of Machineware : PowerLeap 6

  • This integrated machine software allows you to monitor all machine functions and communicate with the production line and an ERP or WMS system via the intuitive HMI control unit and its graphical user interface.
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Multilingual GUI
  • Straight forward menu navigation
  • All components are precisely matched to each other

Intelligent Data Management For Secure Labelling Processes With LogoSoft

  • LogoSoft makes the labelling process for your Print & Apply tasks even more efficient and secure. The powerful software solution ensures flexible automation that allows you to centrally control and monitor all labelling processes.
  • Barcode and RFID standards are
  • Middleware already stored in the system for this purpose. Continuous data synchronisation between the ERP system and supported devices guarantees that the right data is always available at the right place.
  • Higher productivity
  • Minimisation of errors and downtimes
  • Future-proof production