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Ink Type: MEK Based: Black, Red, Blue, UV
Pigment Based: White, Yellow, Red, Black
Special: Food Grade
Special: Food Grade
IP Rating: IP65
Nozzle Size: 40µm/50µm/60µm40
Printing Height: [40µm nozzle] 0.8 – 5mm
[50µm nozzle] 1 – 10mm
[60µm nozzle] 2 – 12mm
Printing Speed: [40µm nozzle] 2666
[50µm nozzle]2041
[60µm nozzle]1780
(5×5 dot, interval 1)
Lines & Dot Matrix: [1-6 Lines] 5×5
[1-4 Lines] 7×5, 7×8
[1-3 Lines] 9×7, 9×9, 10×8, 12×10
[1-2 Lines] 16×12, 16×16
[1 Lines] 24×18, 24×24, 32×24, 32×32
Memory: 999 Messages Max
Character Length: Max. 4,096 Characters
Fonts: Alphanumeric, Symbols, Latin, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Simplified Chinese, Chinese & User Input
Barcode: ITF, NW7, JAN, Code 39, Code 128
2D Barcode: Data Matrix, QR Code
Interface: Touch Screen
User Interface Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Italia, France, German, Spanish, Arabic
Communication: I/O, RS232, LAN, Encoder, Photo Sensor, UPS, USB
Conduit Length: 3.5 Meter
Dimensions: Main unit: 532mm(H) x 430mm(W) x 365mm(D)
Print head: 40mm(H) x 58mm(W) x 186.5(D)
Environmental Standard: Operating Temperature: 0 – 40°C
Standard: Operating Humidity: 10 – 80%RH (with no condensation)
Electrical Requirements: 50/60Hz, AC220V/230V
Weight: 25 Kg
Grounding: Type D Ground

Product Features

  • Stainless steel construction with IP65 rating, compliant with CE and RoHS Standard
  • High reliability with operating tempature of 0 – 45° C and built-in purging pump
  • Detachable 10.4 inch full color LCD touch panel
  • Auto gutter sealing mechanism preventing nozzle clogging and requires no-auto cleaning
  • L-Type print head supported for ease of integration
  • Easy data transmission from-and-to PC via RS232, Ethernet port